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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, How long will it take to build Trimmers Solar Farm?
  2. Question 2, Do solar farms make any noise?
  3. Question 3, Are solar farms dangerous?
  4. Question 4, Can wildlife be affected?
  5. Question 5, Are solar farms beneficial to farmed animals?
  6. Question 6, Can the panels be seen from great distances?
  7. Question 7, Are motorway drivers likely to be affected by light reflected off the panels?
  8. Question 8, How will the electricity generated be of benefit to local residents?
  9. Question 9, Does electricity from solar panels cost less than electricity from power stations?

Answer 1:

Construction of Trimmers solar farm will take 16 weeks.

Answer 2:

Solar farms have no moving parts so there is no noise.

Answer 3:

Solar panels arrays produce very high voltages but all the power is transmitted through cables under the ground. Nobody should attempt to interfere with inverter or transformer cabinets which are kept locked up. Direct Current electricity is more dangerous than alternating current and contact with open terminals must be avoided.

Answer 4:

It is very unlikely that wildlife will be adversely affected. The solar panels are covered in protective glass and insulated so wildlife can perch on them or walk across them without coming to any harm.

Answer 5:

Large farm animals such as horses and cattle could bump into solar panels and damage them but it is very common to graze sheep on the large areas of grass left between each row of panels. Solar arrays make very good shelters for sheep and other creatures during storms and hot weather.

Answer 6:

Solar panels are designed to absorb light so are largely non-reflective. However under certain sunlight conditions they can be seen shining from a distance

Answer 7:

Our computer simulations show that could be some glare from the panels at certain times of the year under very sunny conditions. However it has to be said that travelling into the sun on the M3 can be very challening early and late in the day in spring and autumn particularly when the road surface is wet. Any reflected light from the panles will be insignificant in comparison.

Answer 8:

All of the power generated does not have to be fed into the national grid. We have some plans to use power locally if possible, particularly for vehicle charging.

Answer 9:

That is the general idea and when renewable energy is more widely accepted consumers will benefit from generation and transmission savings.